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Create an Account

Tip: On the Profile page, click the Two-factor authentication link to make your login more secure.

You will receive an invitation through email from with the subject Rolka Loube account creation invite.

The account creation invite is only valid for one week (7 days) from the time it was first sent. If you need a new email sent because it has expired, please contact the Service Desk.

As instructed in the email, follow the link to go to the Rolka Loube Authenticator website. This link is specific to you and cannot be shared. Once on the Authenticator website, you will fill out the required fields to create the account.

  1. In the Name field, enter your full name.

  2. In the Password field, enter a password. It must contain at least:

    • 14 characters

    • 1 lowercase letter

    • 1 uppercase letter

    • 1 digit

    • 1 special character

Your password may contain spaces, emoji, or other special characters.

3. In the Repeat password field, enter the password exactly as entered above. The passwords must match.

4. Select the Create Account button.

5. Enter your email and password.

6. Select Sign in.

Rolka Loube logo with email field filled in and password field filled in below that.  On the right the Sign in button is highlighted by a red box. on the right is a cancel button.  Below the Sign in button is a remember me checkbox.  On the right is Forgot Password in blue

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