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Consumers are individuals who receive equipment and training through the program. Consumers are related to many pieces of the application, and because consumers are people, they may move and travel between states or even die. To match these real-world scenarios, a consumer workflow allows you to view consumers that you had, but not access consumers if they move to different states. For non-conflict or locked records, entities may set a consumer status: Waitlist, Active, or Deceased.

Consumer Security

Consumers have an entity/state that is related to them. Entities have access to consumers within their entity/state(s). If an entity loses a consumer to another state (either through a conflict resolution or a transfer), the losing entity will be able to view the consumer in their records, but the losing entity will not be able to edit the record.

Consumer Conflicts and Merge

If a consumer is flagged as a conflicted record, the Reimbursement Manager will be notified and will attempt to resolve the conflict. This will occur if the consumer’s first name, last name, and date of birth match a record already in the NDBEDP Centralized Database. The Reimbursement Manager will reach out to entity administrator(s) for further information. The Reimbursement Manager resolves the conflict by transferring or merging the consumer.

Consumer Transfer

If an entity is aware of a consumer moving to a different state, the entity can initiate a consumer transfer. The system will send a notification to the receiving entity’s administrator. The record is open to viewing for both entities, but cannot be modified until the transfer is approved or rejected by the receiving state.

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