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Is there any differences in how we record expenses between the old reimbursement worksheet and the Centralized Database?

Yes, in order to best fit most scenarios for all entities, a few differences exist. In addition, the ability to have all information in a centralized database allows for improvements in how we collect data. Significant changes include:

  • Travel is a separate category and can be related to one or more of the other services

  • Inventory equipment is recorded the same as consumer equipment with specific costs like “off-the-shelf” and “accessories”

  • Shipping and tax is recorded separately for both consumer and inventory equipment

  • Date of birth is collected for consumers

  • Upgrades have been removed and are now considered “Maintenance and Repair”

What happened to upgrades?

After reviewing the Permanent Order, it was determined that upgrades are not a reportable activity for the Semi-Annual report and they were removed. If you have a service that previously would have been an upgrade, you may add it as a Maintenance and Repair and can add an optional description of Upgrade.

Can I continue to use the Reimbursement Worksheet for reimbursement claims?

Yes. You must use the updated format for the reimbursement claim worksheet (NDBEDP State Reimbursement Request 2022-2023) that is available on the Rolka Loube website. The file and supporting documentation will then be uploaded to the Centralized Database, instead of using Box. You will be able to track the progress of your reimbursement claim from submission to payment.

How do I submit my Semi-Annual Report for January - June 2022 ?

In July 2022, you will submit your Semi-Annual Report for January - June 2022 in the same format and by the same means as prior to the creation of the Centralized Database (CD). Semi-Annual Reports with data for program year 2022-2023 and after will be submitted through the CD.

What happens if I purchased equipment in one filing period, but the consumer did not receive it until the following? How do I record Date Received?

When entering the equipment, put in the date that the entity received the equipment. Later, when you have installed the equipment, you can toggle “Update equipment(s) date received” on and it will update the date on the equipment item with the Date Performed of the installation, even if it was already submitted and approved for reimbursement. This is the only way to edit that date after an equipment expense has been submitted and approved for reimbursement.

Why does the date keep changing when I add it?

The CD will not allow you to add a date in the future. If you put in a date that occurs before today, it will change it to today’s date.

How do I add a user to the Centralized Database?

To add a user, you must be an entity administrator. If you are not the administrator, you must contact the admin for your certified entity.

As an entity administrator, you should use the Rolka Loube Authentication Provider at and follow the instructions to add a user:


I reset my password, but did not receive an email.

The email to reset your password will come from Check your junk/spam folder for the email. You may need to have your IT department whitelist the email address and try to reset your password again.

I signed up someone (or myself) for notifications, but they are not getting emails.

First, have them check any spam or junk mail folders for the email. They may also need to alert their IT department to whitelist the email address

When an individual is signed up for notifications, they receive a welcome email. In this email, they can choose to unsubscribe from all mailings from NDBEDP CD. If they unsubscribed from all mailings, they will not receive any further emails. They can re-subscribe through the original welcome email.

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