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Audit report - An audit performed by an independent outside (third-party) agency that an Entity is required to submit for each state by program year.

Centralized Database - The coded software, database, and file repositories created to administer the NDBEDP. May also be called system or application. Database refers to only the underlaying data tables and relationships that support the Centralized Database.

Certified Entity - An organization that has been certified to administer the NDBED program for a specific state. Often referred to as Entity.

Consumer- An individual who participates in receiving equipment, assessments, training, upgrades, maintenance and repairs under the program.

Contact - Contacts are individuals within an entity that work with the NDBEDP and may need to be reached by the Reimbursement Manager or the FCC Administrator. They can receive notifications from the system, but do not have an account to log in.

Cost - Cost is a reimbursable amount of money spent on allowed expenses. Each type of line item has a specific set of cost categories.

Cost category - Description for a set allowable expense for each type of line item.

Reimbursement Manager - An individual at Rolka Loube responsible for managing the NDBEDP reimbursement process and assisting the FCC Administrator.

Entity Administrator - A user who has the ability to add and remove accounts for a specific entity.

Entity User - Any registered user with an account who belongs to a certified entity and performs work for states as part of the NDBEDP.

Expense Types - Expenses are classified into high-level groupings that include Program expenses (Administrative, Demo Equipment, Outreach, and Shipping & Tax) and Consumer expenses (Assessments, Equipment, Installation, Training, Upgrades, Maintenance, and Travel). Expense types are further broken down into Cost Categories. See Eligible Expenses for a complete listing of Expense Types and Cost Categories.

FCC Administrator - An individual at the FCC who is responsible for administering the NDBEDP.

Line Item - An individual item, generally an activity or equipment, with one or more associated cost(s) submitted for reimbursement.

Program - National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program (NDBEDP), also known as iCanConnect.

Program Year - The period between July 1 and June 30 for a given year in which the program operates.

Reimbursement Claim - A collection of reimbursable activities and equipment that is recorded and submitted for a specified filing period within a program year. A reimbursement claim consists of line items with assigned categories and associated documentation.

Semi-Annual Report - A report that each state is responsible for submitting twice a year to the FCC.

State - Any one of the 50 US states or its territories, including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands.

State Program - The program that is managed by a certified entity for a specific state.

Subitem - A concept employed in the Centralized Database API to represent the time and cost data associated with a claim line item. This corresponds to a cost in the Centralized Database application.

User - Any individual who visits the application.

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