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How to manage roles

Adding a user is done in the Rolka Loube L Authentication Provider, not in the Centralized Database. To view the pages below, go to

  1. Select Products from the top navigation menu.

  2. Ensure the tenant (organization) to which you want to add the user is selected in the first drop down in the top right of the screen.

  3. Select the Roles button of the available product for which you would like to manage roles.

  4. Available products page has two buttons at the top right for selecting your tenant and your profile. The rest of the page provides access to multiple products each with a Roles button. This example has RL Authentication provider and NDBEDP Centralized Database.

    Select the Edit role assignment button beside the user account you want to edit.

    Role assignments for Rolka Loube tenant. Shows a table with the email address, name, and roles of each user. An edit button (paper and pencil) is in each row.
  5. Check the roles you want to assign or uncheck the roles you wish to remove on the role assignment window.

    Role assignment window for user. A list of the available roles with check boxes beside them. A save and cancel button in the bottom right.

  6. Select Save.

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