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National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program Centralized Database

Release Date: July 5, 2022

Release Version: 1.5.27

Release Notes Date: August 3, 2022


The National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program (NDBEDP) enables reimbursements for services and equipment provided to deaf-blind individuals.  The NDBEDP Centralized Database is a web-based application that enables certified entities in the program to submit claim reimbursement data and generate required semi-annual reports based on the aggregated claims reimbursement data.


The NDBEDP Centralized Database transforms a lengthy process that required a lot of time and paperwork into a more streamlined and environmentally-friendly experience and includes:

  • Easy to use, accessible forms for data entry

  • Creation of Semi-Annual Reports in just a few simple steps

  • Trackable status for all Reimbursement Claims

  • Step-by step, accessible directions

Known Issues

Issue Title



Additional money added to cost in Travel

When adding a training cost to a travel item, the cost shows additional dollars equal to the number of hours for the training time.

This is a visual error and is not reflected in the data. The amount will be correct in the reimbursement claim.

Disappearing Scroll Bar

When accessing the Reimbursements screens, the scroll bar disappears and the user is not able to scroll down or up on the page.

Select refresh at the top left of your screen to regain scrolling functionality.

Total Costs in Search Grids

Total costs in search grids do not update after saving a new item or editing an existing item.

Refresh your screen.

Train-the-Trainer Training Details

Training details does not indicate whether or not it is a Train-the-Trainer event.

Any training item without a consumer is a Train-the-Trainer event.

Train-the-Trainer costs

When adding costs for Train-the-Trainer, other costs can be added, including travel. This should not be allowed.

Add only Train-the-Trainer to travel and cost details.

Capacity Overload

When overloaded, the system displays the message “Capacity Overload: Your premium capacity is overloaded, expect temporary delays” This may happen when loading or viewing a report.

Wait 15-20 seconds until the issue resolves.

Incorrect date on Inventory Equipment

After adding a new Inventory Equipment item, the item reports a date requested of 01/01/1 if no date is entered for the date requested.

Enter a date requested for the new Inventory Equipment item.

Maintenance/Repair - Edit button on locked items

The Edit button displays on the Details screen and the table for Maintenance/Repair items even though they have been submitted and should be locked for editing.

Do not use the Edit button on submitted items.

Failed upload for documents

A message that an upload failed because of a refused connection displays when attempting to upload a document.

Select Save again to submit the file.

New Equipment from installation or maintenance/repair

Creating new Equipment from the Installation page does not allow you to select new Equipment.

  • Select Back and choose a new Consumer.

  • Reselect the previous Consumer.

  • Select Next and the Equipment is displayed.

Consumer Ineligible message displays behind window

When you edit a consumer and mark them as ineligible, the message displays behind the blurred screen.

Select the blurred background to view the error message.

Breadcrumbs not functioning

Breadcrumbs take the user to a blank page when navigating in Technicians, Consumers, and Assessments.

Use the navigation bar to navigate instead of using the breadcrumbs.

Time shows on Edit Cost screen for Equipment

When a user is editing costs for Equipment, the Time field shows at the top of the page.

Time is not a required field for Equipment and can be left blank.

System Requirements

Desktop Browsers 
A computer with 4 or more GB of RAM

  • Chrome >= 50

  • Edge >= 13

  • Safari >= 10

  • Firefox >= 43

  • Opera >= 37 

Note: Any recent Chromium based browser should be compatible including but not limited to Brave, Vivaldi, Chromium

Mobile Devices
Most mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android Phones)

  • Chrome for Android >= 103 

  • Safari on iOS >= 10

  • Android Browser >= 103 

  • Firefox for Android >= 101


Access the Service Desk for the NDBEDP Centralized Database where you will be able to enter a ticket for our Customer Service team who will respond within 48 hours.

Access the NDBEDP Centralized Database Help Center where you will find step-by step instructions on how to use all of the features found in the database.

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