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Reimbursement Claim

Line items are linked to a reimbursement claim. In turn, reimbursement claims that are approved and completed are reflected in the Semi-Annual Report. See Line Items for more information. See Reports for more information on the Semi-Annual Report.

For reimbursement claim spreadsheet uploads, see Spreadsheet.

Creating a Reimbursement Claim

The reimbursement claim can be created at any time, but only for open program years. These program years can be viewed from the ProgramYear endpoint with a date range, but some exceptions may occur. Submissions may be made until the program year is locked by the FCC Administrator.

Additionally, the number of reimbursement claims that may be submitted per year is based on an entity’s filing frequency. Only one reimbursement claim per filing period can be open at a time.

Linking Line Items

The reason reimbursement claims can be created at any time in the process is because of the LineItems endpoint, which is used to link a reimbursement claim and all related line items. The following restrictions determine which line items can be linked to a claim. Linking to a reimbursement claim will fail if:

  • the line item is flagged by the Reimbursement Manager

  • the line item is deleted

  • the line item is already a part of a reimbursement claim (open or closed)

Submitting a Reimbursement Claim

The ReimbursementClaim/{id}/Submit Endpoint is used to submit a reimbursement claim once all the line items have been added. The user that is submitting a reimbursement claim must have the role of Authorized Signer, which is validated by the FCC. Otherwise, a signed PDF stating that the reimbursement claim is authorized will be required. The check will happen during the upload process and will be reviewed by the Reimbursement Manager, and rejected if it is found to be breaking these rules.

A reimbursement claim that exceeds a state program’s allocation can be submitted. If that is the case, then the Reimbursement Manager will get in contact with the entity administrator to discuss how to move forward with a potential reallocation. A claim that is beyond their allocation cannot be approved.

Once submitted, all line items attached to the reimbursement claim will be locked until reviewed by the Reimbursement Manager. Finally, the reimbursement claim is approved or rejected by the FCC Administrator.

Reimbursement Claim Attachments

Like line items, you can upload attachments to a reimbursement claim as supplemental documentation. The internal flag is only used by the Reimbursement Manager and FCC Administrator.

Note that the Reimbursement/Attachment is not the endpoint to upload the spreadsheet. More information can be found here: Spreadsheet.

Reimbursement Claim Review

A reimbursement claim is locked once it is approved by the FCC Administrator and used to populate the Semi-Annual Report.

You must make the necessary changes and resubmit a reimbursement claim if it is rejected by the FCC Administrator.

Payment is processed after a claim is reviewed by the Reimbursement Manager and approved by the FCC Administrator.

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