1. In the navigation panel, select Services, then Equipment.

  2. Select + New to add new equipment.

    blue button that reads plus new
  3. In the New Equipment pop-up window:

    1. Enter the name of the equipment item.

    2. Enter the serial number.

    3. Enter the brand of the equipment.

    4. Select or enter the function of the equipment.

    5. Check the box to indicate if the equipment is inventory/demo. Once you check equipment is inventory/demo, the Consumer will auto populate with Inventory Equipment.

    6. Check the box to indicate if the equipment is a device. To check if the equipment is a device, refer to the Reimbursement Request Filing Instructions.

    7. Enter the date of need assessment.

    8. Enter the date received.

    9. To add costs at the end, check add cost after saving. See Costs for more information on how to add costs.

      New equipment pop-up with equipment name drop-down in the upper left, serial number to the right, brand below equipment name, function drop-down below serial number, equipment is inventory checkbox below brand, equipment is a device checkbox below function, drop-down for consumer name below inventory, state program below device, date of need assessment below consumer, date received below state program, add cost after savings toggle below date of need, button for Save and Cancel in bottom right.
  4. Select Save.