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Input Methods

The NDBEDP Centralized Database offers three methods for submitting claims.

Input method



An interactive user interface (UI)

Enables ad hoc claim entry and information about your organization (entity management)

This Help Center contains detailed instructions and information for using the UI for the NDBEDP Centralized Database.


Facilitates bulk upload of claims

Detailed filing instructions for populating the spreadsheet or workbook are available on the Rolka Loube website.

Instructions to submit the spreadsheet through the user interface is in the topic Reimbursements.

Instructions to submit the workbook via the API can be found in the API documentation.

Application programming interface (API)

Enables automated upload of data or spreadsheets through a custom interface or data source that your organization maintains.

The API documentation helps developers get started connecting to the NDBEDP Centralized Database. Detailed API documentation with endpoints is available at .

Your organization may use any or all of these methods in combination to submit claims. If you need guidance on which method to use, contact the program manager.

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