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Notifications Tech Tips

What are notifications?
Notifications are emails that are sent to you on a schedule when certain activities happen in the Centralized Database.

 How do I sign up for notifications?
You can sign yourself up for notifications on the Notifications tab of your Profile page. See instructions: User Accounts (

 How do I sign up others for notifications?
As an Entity Administrator, you can sign up others to receive notifications even if they don't have an account in the Centralized Database. See instructions: Notifications (  If you are not an Entity Administrator, contact your administrator. 

 What notifications can I sign myself up for if I am not an Entity Administrator?
Currently, you can sign up for the Entity Semi-Annual Report and Reimbursement Claim Results notifications.

 How do I stop getting notifications?
You can remove yourself from any notifications using the notifications tab of your profile page. See instructions: User Accounts (  

 I signed someone up, but they thought it was spam and unsubscribed. How do I re-subscribe them?
The person who unsubscribed will need to re-subscribe themselves. They should click on the Re-subscribe link in the email they received. This will allow their address to receive emails from us again. If they don't have that email, please contact us for further assistance through the help desk.

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