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Adding Cost to Train-the Trainer

When adding a cost to the category of train-the trainer, the cost must also be added as train-the trainer.

To correctly add a cost to Train-the-trainer:

  1. In the navigation panel, select Services, then Training.

  2. Select + New to add a new training.

    blue button reading plus new
  3. In the New Training pop-up window:

    1. Select the name of an existing technician or select + New Technician from the drop-down box to create a new technician. See Technicians for more information on creating a new technician.

    2. Enter the date the training was requested.

    3. Enter the date the training was performed.

    4. Check the box for Train-the-Trainer.

    5. To add costs check, add cost after saving.

  4. Select Next.

  5. Select Save. The New Training Cost Pop-Up appears.

  6. Enter the time in hours.

  7. Select the category as Train-the-trainer.

  8. Enter the cost.

  9. Select Save.

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